Ear and Body Piercing Information and Price List

Christopher is trained in all ear piercing from lobes to Shen Men (for anxiety) and Tragus (for headaches). Christopher also offers a variety of body piercings including nose piercing and lip piercing. Walk-in appointments are available but I would recommend phoning on 07566 220093 or through Facebook and booking a time slot to guarantee your piercing time. 

piercing price list

£15 - Nose with Stud
£15 - Eyebrow

£20 - Lip
£20 - Lobe (Needle)
£20 - Helix
£20 - Forward Helix

£25 - Anti Tragus
£25 - Shen Men (Anxiety)
£25 - Daith (Migraines)
£25 - Tragus (Appetite)
£25 - Medusa
£25 - Rook
£25 - Snug
£25 - Conch

£25 - Medusa
£25 - Nose with Ring

£30 - Belly Button
£30 - Tongue Web

£30 - Lobes Pair (Gun)
£30 - Smiley
£30 - Tongue
£30 - Industrial
£30 - Septum
£30 - 1 Nipple

£40 - Lobe Pair (Needle)
£45 - Nipples Pair
£50 - Tripple Helix

£60 - Genital (M&F)

£30 - Dermal (Single)
£50 - Dermal (Two)


£50 - Children Ear Piercing (Under 10)

Shen men piercing .jpg


Anxiety Piercing

This piercing is recommended by acupuncturists to reduce stress and anxiety. Pierced with sterile Titanium Jewellery. 


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Tragus Piercing.jpg


Appetite Control

Tragus piercings can be done with a titanium labret stud or a close ball hoop. Acupuncturists recommend this piercing to aid with appetite control.


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Migraine Relief 

Daith piercings can be done with a titanium bar or closed ball hoop. Piercing this acupuncture point can offer almost instant relief.


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helix double tripple.jpg


Upper Cartelage 

Helix piercings are done with a needle and the option of a titanium labret stud of closed ball hoop. Double and triple helix piercings are popular with clients.


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Tragus Piercing.jpg


Adult Lobe Piercing

Lobe piercing is offered as a pair for £30 using a piercing gun. Single lobes piercing with a needle is £20 each or £40 for a pair using titanium jewellery.

£20 - £40

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kids ear piercing.jpg


Children's Lobes Piercing (Under 10 years old)

Children's lobe piercing is done using a piercing gun. We offer either gold or silver coloured hypoallergenic studs with a variety of coloured gems to choose from. 


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nose piercing with ring.jpg


Nose Piercing with Ring

Nose piercing with a ring is done using a needle and a closed ball titanium ring. Clients often have one nostril pierced with a ring and the other with a stud.


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nose piercing lisburn.jpeg


Nose Piercing with Stud

Nose piercing with a stud is done using hypoallergenic piercing jewellery. We offer a variety of coloured gems or plain silver studs.


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Septum Nose Piercing

Septum piercings are done using a needle and titanium jewellery. Clients have the option of either having a horseshoe or closed ball ring. 


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